It's worth his salt.

We're avoiding her.

Janice fumbled in his pockets.

She cannot have done well at school.

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Three were sentenced to life in prison.

This weekly comes out once a week.

The cheese is not yellow.


He encountered difficulties in his work.

His favorite baseball team is the Giants, but he likes the Lions as well.

I caught Earle by surprise.

I don't want to live in a big city.

With the fever that you have you cannot go out of the house.

Catherine suddenly looked worried.

Tell me who won.


The people who experienced being unjustly treated are speaking out.


We've got to act fast.

Piotr saw a tow truck leaving the parking lot.

I'll overlook it this time, but don't let it happen again.


It costs too much.

Are you really going to London to study?

Some people don't believe in love. They just believe in biology.

Saiid remembered all the details.

It is true that she is pretty, but she is selfish.

Jwahar doesn't sound very confident.

I'll follow your instructions.


The picture looks better at a distance.


We're nearly there.


It's a girl thing.


Glynn probably thought I knew the words to that song.


Estonia has its own hymn.

Let her talk.

She was very bored during the lecture.

When Kawazoe pinned me down at the meeting, I broke out in a cold sweat.

Are you sure you locked the door?

So, we all have time, because with no exception all of us live in the present moment, in the now.

I'm sick of your hints.


Does anybody remember why we decided to do this?

They have never forgotten to send their mom a birthday present.

He tried to impress her.


When do you start on your trip?

This joke relies on a double entendre.

We'll be up late tonight.

Mott is young, rich, spoiled and egocentric.

We're not a part of this.

I did not resist.

Some plants cannot adapt themselves to the cold.

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I have false nearsightedness.


Please breathe through your nose.

I will be back by nine.

I'm meeting Gideon at the station at 2:30.

I'm ashamed of Japanese politics.

I'll clean up this mess for you.

It was my dream.

It could take a few minutes.

I have a question I'd like answered first.

My mother bought me a pretty dress this past Sunday.

My dream went up in smoke.

At least 10 Russians have died this year taking selfies.

Heinrich is surprisingly sensitive to cold.

He works as hard as any other student.

He made a rude reply.

His cell phone is turned off now.

I have news about Edgar.

The important thing is not to win but to take part.

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Luther was scandalised by the sale of indulgences.

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I still have a score to settle with him.


I thought we were supposed to meet Shuvra at 2:30.

Everyone's looking for me.

Are fireworks legal in Australia?


I've never been very good at French.

Dori has always been fat.

Merat got a decent grade on the test he took last week.

Your name is Giovanni, isn't it?

Isn't that good enough?


Rolf won't leave Jack with you.

The results were astounding.

I figured you must be hungry by now.


Malcolm's apartment is within walking distance of the train station.

"Take all the land you want", said the Aborigine chief. "Oh no," said the English general, "we will take just an island." "And which island?" asked the Aborigene chief. "Just the island of Australia," replied the English general.

I didn't mean to wake him up.

Plasmas behave unlike anything we experience on a regular basis on Earth because they conduct electricity and travel with their own set of magnetic fields entrapped in the material.

Roberto is quite anxious, isn't he?


He needed capital to start a new business.


Becky told everybody at work that he was getting married.


That was a no-brainer.

Naim knows the way to Stanislaw's house.

Do I look like him to you?

I think Lynnette wants something to write on.

All I wanted was a little bit more attention.

The elected members of a party will often meet in a private caucus to agree on a unified response to proposed government legislation.

They have him sedated.

It'll only take a minute.

Do you have a computer at home?


She told me that she wanted a pet dog.

Please, don't beat me!

I stopped at the store and got some milk on my way back.

Come to Chile again!

Our team doesn't stand a chance against their team because they are much better than we are.

She cleaned her room before her guests arrived.

You shouldn't talk here.

What do you think I should've said?

The bus went by without stopping.


I bought lots of stuff.

Dwight looks fine.

The school didn't take place today.

He drinks a lot but always seems sober.

I have a feeling that something big is about to happen.

We must succeed.

It is difficult for me to read the book.

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A successful local boy is coming home.

No one pays attention to us.

Ahmet stayed up late last night.

He finished the steak, then ordered another portion.

I can't believe I didn't even think of that.

The president gave up the idea because it was not practical.

Why did Clara lock the door?


What does it mean to develop a sound architecture?

Miriamne is going to Harvard.

The hair is short!

Bring your own fishing equipment.

I'm not going to be able to fly on that day.

We don't get many visitors here.

How could Joe hate you?


Your baby is doing fine.

That's one of my concerns.

We need to step out of our comfort zone and try something new and challenging.


I charge a flat fee of 2,000 dollars per weekend for my services.

Helen is really a good guy.

If you're not careful, you'll make another mistake.

I'm convinced Arnold is guilty.

A machine had to be installed in the factory.

Air provides considerable thermal insulation when trapped in a chamber.

Stop gawking.

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I studied French a long time ago, but now all I remember is "bonjour."


The fountain sends hot water to a height of 170 feet.

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Did he admit it?

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He said that money was lent to me.


Adrian doesn't go to his office on Saturday.

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I did what was necessary.

I came straight here from rehearsal.

Everyone laughed.

What a beautiful city San Francisco is!

Kimmo studies all the time.

The referee blew the whistle and called a hand ball on him.

I'm sorry. I won't do it ever again.

Not at all!

Suzanne showed me how to operate the machine.

It depends on the size of the chair.

The Titanic sunk on its maiden voyage.

The credit cards are plastic.

Jesus did all right.

The tolerance of ambiguities is necessary in learning a language.

I'll need someplace to work.

They help each other.

She's not as short as I am.

I don't know when Kurt will come home.

You need to tell me what to do.

I'm going to have a date with my ex.

I don't know where this belongs.

Take my word for it.

He is as tall as she.

What is important in writing a composition is to make your ideas clear.

Corey pleaded not guilty to charges of drunken driving and reckless driving.

Welcome, prisoners... I mean, guests.

I thought you might help.